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9 Lenses

Emergent Patterns

Design Ideas and Options

Adaptive Experimentation


Observe situations without bias or entrenched perspectives
In complex situations our existing perspectives and expectations often constrain us from seeing things as they really are. Learn how to look through 9 Lenses to collectively uncover important characteristics and behavior. (read more)
Find and interpret non-linear patterns to identify leverage points
We can create high impact and save much wasted effort and energy if we understand the emerging patterns and dynamics. A core group of four patterns occurs in many complex situations in organizations and business. (read more)
Increase creativity and agility by expanding your portfolio of choices
As the context becomes more complex and uncertain, our usual or default approaches are less and less relevant. We need to develop the ability to find, capture and apply a wider range of ideas and options.
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Reduce risk and create learning through targeted trials and probes
Complex situations have too many unpredictable and changing interactions for us to rely only on analysis. We need to be able to “let the situation talk back” by doing probes and trials. These are exploratory initially and become more specific and targeted as the design converges. (read more)
Evolve to a successful future through iterative learning and action
Often, it is unrealistic to expect to be ‘right first time’. It is more important that we keep learning and improving our design by repeatedly developing and testing new options and ideas, looking through 9 lenses and interpreting the emerging patterns.
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